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The aim of this site (since December 2004) is to provide a place for ideas to grow into stories and guides that have grown from ideas. Over time, the stories should improve and revisions will reflect this. Only the latest revision is published. It is also a place that other writers may leave their work to be viewed.

The first crop of stories has been called:


and is a compilation of the three years 2004-2007. The earlier seeds have withered and almost died, though dead-heading may revive some ideas. However, new seed growth is yielding buds and these can be examined in:

Growing Seeds…

All subject matter is original and is properly accredited with the author's name and the year it has been published. I have made no attempt to moderate any work other than my own, although it is my intention that material included here should not knowingly cause offence. As the owner of this site I am responsible only for my own work and none of the content from sites linked to this one.

The Comment, Philosophical and Science links serve a double purpose: writing articles is a method of making commentary in its various guises and facilitates the development of the writing craft.


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