A Clean Death

The dusty blue 4-door car turned into the busy petrol filling station and pulled-up alongside a vacant pump. The lone occupant put fuel into the tank, then moved and parked the car over near the car wash before walking back to the cash desk, leaving the doors unlocked. He paid for the petrol and bought a car wash ticket and a cooling drink. After only a few minutes he’d returned to his car, entered the program code and got into the driver’s seat. He started the car engine and drove into the wet area. The forward and rear shutters came down trapping the car and driver inside the car wash.

A rope was suddenly wrapped around his neck and a moment later he began to struggle in the confined space of the driving position after he realised he was being attacked. The awareness of shock is never instantaneous.

The clean and dry car with its full tank of petrol exited the car wash, though now with two occupants.

© Louis Brothnias, v 1.1 (2010)


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