Moonlight Swim


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The mainland to the island may only be some four hundred metres from the river bank, but my imminent passage through the dark water of the night would be really quite scary. The gently breaking water looked like fingers almost urging me forward and inviting me to enter, yet created a strangely relaxing environment for just another evening swim. It was still enough to make me nervous.


My route took me over a white statue that I had dropped into the water some time ago, left as a marker so that I would not lose my way. The whiteness had long been dulled though the statue could still be seen through the darkness beneath the gently waving weeds.


To retrieve this special variety of Silver Thyme by the light of the humungous Moon as it rose over the hills made the challenge truly enchanting, the dark purple flower looking almost black by moonlight. Unmistakable.


My wet hands slipped on the grass at the waters edge as I tried to get purchase and clamber up the bank. Although this was difficult, I soon found myself standing over the herb. In the night air, the jumping insects still abroad at this time of night always surprised me regardless of the number of times I had made this trip.


I placed some Silver Thyme in my waist pouch ready for my return trip, then coolly re-entered the glistening water already visualising the cooking-pot in which I would prepare my reward.


Louis Brothnias (2010)


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