Alternative Assured

The challenge here was to write a short story of about 500 words and use as many of the alternative terms for “said” as possible. The list of 90 such words is not exhaustive, but fairly comprehensive.

“Embarrassment?” Simon shrieked. “You couldn’t imagine!” he screamed and if that wasn’t enough emphasised:

“Embarrassment? Walking around with your backside hanging out?” he explained and then demanded: “What could I have done?”

“I ask you,” he cried out.

Simon laughed then grinned and giggled while drying himself.

“It was really quite funny,” he pointed out. “All those women must have got quite an eyeful,” Simon exclaimed. “They were very lucky to see such a sight,” he bragged. “I wouldn’t have done it deliberately,” he lied and denied being a show-off when challenged.

“I am not a show-off,” Simon objected and asked, “don’t you believe me?

I don’t normally parade myself like that…,” Simon began, but then spoiled his assertion when he claimed that it was an accident. He assured his friend Desmond that it was totally out of character. “Des, you know me well enough that I couldn’t do that,” he commented and expressed his fear that he would be ridiculed.

“Water rots the material of my Speedos,” Simon complained and then described the way it can so easily occur and insisted, “there is no way of knowing when it will happen only that it will.”

Over a cup of tea, Caroline later mentioned that she’d have a great time telling her friends about Simon’s lewd behaviour.

“You wou... wou.. wouldn’t do that, wou... wou...ld you Ca... Caroline?” Simon stammered.

“Of course I wou... would,” she taunted Simon. “It would be fun.”

What a cow, thought Simon and then aloud he warned that he’d get even with her if she dared and vowed never to speak to her again.

“That sounds like a good idea,” replied Caroline and Simon responded by putting out his tongue.

“So,” sneered Caroline, “you not only wear your backside on the outside of your Speedos, but your tongue on the outside of your mouth.”

With a grin like a Cheshire cat, Simon roared with laughter and admitted that walking around with your backside showing through Speedos could conjure up bizarre images. He then announced his intention of approaching a local paper so it could be notified about the story before anything untrue could be advised.

“Simon is so gullible,” Caroline whispered to Desmond and added that she’d never really do as she had indicated.

“Simon probably realises that you are not serious about what you suggested,” Desmond revealed and agreed that it would be fun though.

They left the centre only to meet a police officer. “Wait,” he commanded.

“Yes, what is it?” Simon questioned and then uttered to his two friends, “I told you this would happen. I predicted it.”

“You have been reported as walking around exposing yourself,” lectured the cop and then stated that Simon had allegedly boasted about his actions. “Come over to my car,” he instructed.

Simon acknowledged the order by moving towards the car and feared the worst. He had assumed the complaint had been made by a member of the public and pleaded his innocence, “It was only an accident.”

“Yes, I know,” observed the cop as he took off his cap to reveal himself as their friend Jason.

“I’ve been set-up,” sputtered Simon. “You rotten pair,” he grunted.

“It was only a joke,” Caroline answered and scolded Simon with “You are such a show-off”.

Used 62 terms:

Shrieked, Screamed, Emphasised, 

Explained, Demanded, Cried,

Laughed, Grinned, Giggled,

Pointed out, Exclaimed,

Bragged,  Lied,  Denied,

Objected, Asked, Began,

Claimed, Assured, Commented,

Expressed, Complained,

Described, Insisted, Mentioned,

Stammered, Taunted, Thought

Warned, Vowed, Replied,

Responded, Sneered, Roared,

Admitted, Announced, Notified,

Advised, Whispered, Added,

Indicated, Suggested, Revealed,

Agreed, Commanded, Questioned,

Uttered, Told, Predicted, Lectured,

Stated, Boasted, Instructed,

Acknowledged, Feared,

Assumed, Pleaded, Observed,

Sputtered, Grunted, Answered,



Remainder 28 terms:

Approved, Argued,

Babbled, Bargained, Called,

Decided, Dictated, Estimated,

Moaned, Mumbled, Murmured,

Nagged, Noted, Ordered, Prayed,

Reassured, Related, Repeated,

Requested, Restated, Ruled,

Shouted, Snapped, Sobbed, Spoke,

Stormed, Urged, Wailed (28).


© Louis Brothnias (2007)

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