Last summer was the hottest on record. Not simply a few degrees warmer than the year before, but temperatures had soared by over 25°C. Double the increase of the previous year. All that political engineering about human activity causing climate change had been revealed as a total sham. Trust in politicians had vanished and anarchy was growing. There had never had any logic behind climate change, though the lies had convinced millions of people around the world. Paying out £billions of public money in an attempt to offset a lie.

Winter was here, but temperatures had plummeted to lows never experienced by mankind. It was almost as if another Ice Age had come upon us almost overnight and we were still getting used to it. Each day recently had been one of adaptation. Each day… Even to imagine creatures surviving the freezing lows in any previous Ice Age was simply not conceivable. Nowadays the energy producers were already struggling to meet demand and virtually no lights were showing anywhere.

“Have you seen our Moon recently?” I asked my neighbouring spectator. “Take a look at it, up there. The full moon is so high in the night sky it must be above the North Pole. And in last year’s summer it was so low that it had actually disappeared below the horizon. This is unprecedented in recorded history.”

“What does that mean?” she asked. A pretty young girl full of wonder without any indication of fear.

“Well, it would seem that the distance of the Earth from the Sun in winter has rapidly increased, but throughout the summer months is considerably closer. And the change has been very, very fast. This could account for the climate changes, but such a rapid change in the last couple of years is extraordinary.”

We were looking over the railings of Tower Bridge at the frozen river Thames below. Nothing was moving except the occasional ice skater practising their technique bathed in the cold and brilliant moonlight. A shape moved quickly beneath the ice. It’s sudden appearance was quite shocking. Featureless and transparent.

“Do you see that? I swear it was not there a moment ago. And there it is.” My blood chilled even more than it already was. “What on Earth is it?”

The young woman must have picked up my concern, as she became clearly worried.

The frozen river rippled above the shape as the ice melted. Whatever it was, it seemed to lift up silently and looked as though it actually jumped out of the water. This enormous… something. It moved upwards at an enormous speed, still in absolute silence except for the sound of the rushing torrents of air following it upwards ahead of the sonic boom. It headed directly towards the Moon and in almost an instant the shape was gone.

The next event was almost beyond belief. The Moon disappeared and everything was plunged into frozen darkness.

I remember standing on Tower Bridge. I remember my pretty companion. I remember the bright light of a full Moon and the dark shape under the ice below. It had been moving very fast then the ice had shimmered and melted above that dark something. I remember being really scared and my friend stood frozen to the spot in the freezing conditions.

Once again in my life I had no idea what to do and that is probably what had scared me the most. I am usually very confident about my actions. Not this time.

The vessel, for that is what it seemed to be, soared silently upwards directly towards the Moon at tremendous speed. I don’t know why I thought it was silent since the noise created by the battering of the atmosphere was deafening as it disappeared. I felt connected with this… thing. My fear suddenly subsided into wonder. I turned to look at my friend. She was still frozen in place. I placed my arm around her and felt a shock of electricity. Not a major jolt, but a sharp discharge. The crack was quite loud. My friend was aware of it as her eyes widened. Other than that she didn’t move. A single tear fell down her face more from dry eyes than emotion.

I sensed all this. How can I possibly know these things, but it seemed so obvious. I couldn’t possibly know. Could I?

The Moon went out. Not like a cloud passing across the sky blocks out the ever-present familiar sky-borne object. But… went out. Like it had been switched off. The darkness was total. I felt in front of me and touched my cold companion. I knew her name though. Amelia. I just knew.

“Amelia? Are you there?”

“Yes, I’m here.”

I felt her touch me. A warm hand on my cold face. I could see her. In the total darkness. Impossible. Was this just my imagination? But it was so real.

“Amelia,” I repeated.

“Yes, Andrew.”

She knew my name. We hadn’t ever introduced ourselves to each other, yet I felt as though I had known her all my life.

Was this… love? The electric shock.

Illumination penetrated the darkness. It didn’t hurt my eyes. There was no source of light though it had a presence. Before the dawn and before the Sun comes over the eastern horizon, the sky begins to reveal itself as the stars go out. This was similar. There was no floor beneath our feet and we were just suspended above a void. It was like being immersed in dark water, but it didn’t feel like water. It felt like… nothing. It wasn’t warm or cold, just incredibly comfortable. In the hands of a caring entity. I can’t describe it any other way. My language had failed me. But I knew what it was.

Amelia floated beside me. She didn’t show any fear. Just a glow of absolute contentment.

I felt as though we were spiritually connected. I simply… understood. But I had no idea what I understood. I just understood.

We both knew that we had been taken to the bridge by unknown forces ready to be picked up and transported away from familiarity. What was this vessel? Some kind of “God-ship?”

The Moon had gone and we knew that the Earth had gone. All the water from the oceans of Earth had been released from the Moon’s gravitational influence. Tides had stopped instantly.

We just… knew.

Noah had come back for us.


© Louis Brothnias v. 2 (2011)


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