Evil stalks us. It is around us everywhere.

I think I am quite reasonable, yet some who think they are very 'normal' would consider me quite mad. What constitutes madness anyway? That the majority view outweighs the minority? The minority possesses most of the wealth, but the majority of the lesser fortunate look up to the rich as though they are some kind of fantastical wonder to be envied.

Is that not illogical and an example of madness?

I have the power to terminate life. Many others like me do as well. Calculated extermination is considered wrong, yet it still depends on your viewpoint.

My next target is someone called Rayce Williams. I don't need to know anymore. Just that termination has been endorsed. My name? I think not. It wouldn't mean much to you anyway. Beliefs being what they are, it is not likely you'd understand let alone accept the idea of what I do.

Consider the idea of re-incarnation. Tied in with evolution, the growth of the individual relies on several incarnations. One is nowhere near enough to reach any sort of enlightenment. The lifespan of the body is not enough to absorb the necessary knowledge. Rather like your education system with primary, secondary, tertiary levels and so on. So it is with lifetimes.

Those who kill others for personal growth find that incarnations cease. They stop instantly. When the life is over there is no further incarnation. That's the end of it all. Accidentally killing someone, although regrettable, is acceptable and we know the circumstances. Accidents do happen, but calculated murder or genocide is extinguished at source. Many never grow and it's paradoxical to imagine an individual attempts to control their own growth by murder of another and then cease to exist for evermore as a result. They are totally defective and are destroyed so that no trace remains.

The victim is assured of unconditional continuation.

I am just a minor angel who has responsibility for removing the virus that corrupts everything it touches. Sort of policeman, but much more effective. You can imagine me as an Angel of Death or Grim Reaper, even a surgeon who excises tumours and other cancers. I harvest disease and collect them up in crops, but you can be assured of fairness and accuracy though we always terminate a valid target. This is not always within that lifetime, but they never get born alive again. At the latest what you term still-birth.

A growing being has to be allowed to make errors and we cannot intervene before an act. That act has to be completed to be sure of our intervention. A living mistake never appears again. You would possibly say this is ruthless? It's only justice, but does ensure the evolution of the species. The most worthy survive and the waste is cleared away. The disease.

At the other extreme sometimes a life ends seemingly prematurely. The young male or female who is gifted, well-liked and remarkably advanced in wisdom that belies their youth are very advanced life forms who have little to learn with a further incarnation. They 'die' very young, but move on to much higher things. The learning process for them has ended and the apprenticeship is over.

© Louis Brothnias (2007)

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