An Evening of Changing Music



The lights dimmed and the sinister-looking Notation family took their places on the stage wearing their black skin-tight acrobatic suits. The five musicians then put on their upper-face masks. As the evening progressed, a variety of styles was played constantly changing between rock music, blues melodies, acoustic folk and lighter jazz numbers and even the vocal accompaniment differed as each singer took their turn, sometimes by themselves and at others in a unified chorus.


While each number received applause, the end of the evening received its most rewarding reaction, but the cheers and clapping were replaced with gasps when the five band members removed their masks. They had all moved around the stage and had been playing different instruments and nobody had noticed. Clearly the audience had slowly began to realise that throughout the evening the Musical Chairs had really been playing a huge and very clever trick.



Louis Brothnias (2010)


Creative Acre