Silent Invitation


The light breeze and clear blue sky masked a storm of desire. Electricity invisibly sparked colourlessly and without a sound. The silent message was there to be read in their eyes, yet nothing could be seen as it was a message that could only be understood in their mind. The mind of one that existed between two physically unconnected people.

On the sandy beach busy with families and lovers, he lay down on his towel. The hairs on his arm no more than skimmed the air between them, yet the lightest of touches sent an unheard thunder crack of static electricity. The nature of it was like the eye-transmitted message.

Silent, but join me.

The presence of anyone else on the beach vaporised into the ether and left them spiritually alone with each other. Faint and very definite tingles worked their way throughout her entire body and gently increased like a distant express train inexorably approaching. Anticipation heated her skin more than the sun could ever do, but was the internal heat that accompanies the expectation of passion. The wetness on her lips glistened in the bright sun and, as she almost imperceptibly moved, the electricity between them became almost unbearable.

They stood up with a desire to touch each other, but the satisfaction of a simple touch was denied by a child running between them and towards his mother. Exquisite torture instantly replaced the anticipation, though it was enhanced to extraordinary heights. Somehow they reached her room at the hotel and, once inside, the door was quickly and quietly closed.

© Louis Brothnias (2007)

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