“You will not remember any of what I am about to tell you, but it's the way things have to happen. To extend your life experiences. You have done this before, though even that you won't remember.  Your total experience is now very extensive and you are completely unaware of any of it.”

“I don't understand what is happening,” volunteered my charge.

“You must place absolute trust in me and accept that one day you will... understand. You will know so much.”

“I do trust you, but this is very difficult. I feel as though I am in a vacuum.”

“Your time is nearly here and you will eventually come away with a new set of experiences to add to those that you already have.”

“Experiences? What experiences? I cannot remember anything.”

“One day you will remember it all. Everything you have ever learned. In your essence you have a mental book that is now full of blank pages. You will write into this book when you dream. The important things to remember during your life. There is no end to this book, but neither is there a beginning. It's in a library of knowledge. A repository that has vast experiences. Yours and many others. Your influence will alter the lives of many and some of the knowledge you already have will be planted for a future, but what that is you cannot yet know.”

“What knowledge? I don't know anything.”

“Yes. You do. We're here. Farewell for now. And I will see you again though it could be a long time. You will always have guardians around to guide you towards important knowledge and away from hazard. I will see you again. Of that there can be no doubt. Remember you are never really alone. You must go now.”

The wailing of the new-born echoed around the corridors of the maternity wing.

© Louis Brothnias (2011)

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