Threatened Possession


The summerís afternoon was very hot and the car park was full to capacity when the incident happened. I had arrived earlier that morning, but later decided to leave for home. I crossed in front of the queue of several cars waiting for a place to park, climbed into my car then opened the door window. After starting the engine, I began to reverse, but stopped half-way out of the space.

"What the Hell are you doing?" I heard and instantly responded.

"The woman you just intimidated was waiting for this space."

"I want to park my car," he informed me. "Here."

"The woman you frightened away wanted to park here as well. The woman who was in front of you."

"Are you going to move your car?"

"Yes." I started to pull forward back into my parking space and then stopped. I didnít feel like being co-operative or allowing this ignorant and pompous idiot get away with this boorish behaviour.

"Where are you going, now?"


"Just move your damn car."

"I will, when Iím ready. And youíve gone."

The queue of cars had increased in number and I was quite intent on making it clear that this selfish imbecile was responsible for everyone's inconvenience.

"Nice car," I suggested, looking at his shiny new Mercedes. Then stared him in the eye. "You should look after it."

He seemed very worried by this comment, got into his car and hurriedly drove off.

© Louis Brothnias (2008)

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